About us - 4MedFit company

Welcome to 4MedFit, your partner in beauty and health care!

We are your ally in the world of cosmetics, distribution of cosmeceuticals, cosmetics without irritants, intradermal fillers and modern devices for the beauty sector, aesthetic medicine, surgery, rehabilitation.

At 4MedFit we combine passion with professional know-how, all in the name of beauty, health and well-being for the end client and the treating staff.

What sets us apart?

We are a group of experts who have joined forces and know-how to bring you the best in beauty and health. Our practitioners participate in domestic and international trainings, international exhibitions and thus draw valuable information which they then provide to you - our clients. Years of experience of our team, since 2012.

- we take care of continuous education of our team members

- we have our own training center, both for cosmetics, body care and medical facilities - certified premises with the possibility of providing training for nurses and doctors,

- for the use of our products, we have our own diagnostic/advisory centre with experts with years of experience

We work closely with the renowned clinic AMARYLLIS CENTRM PRAGUE - with an expert team of pharmacists, phytotherapists, clinical pharmacologists, cosmetologists, doctors - professionals in field of aesthetic medicine to select the best products for Your body and skin care. The clinic provides skin diagnostics, professional examination and therapy, consulting and training activities for those interested in using the products/ devices.                                                                                Contact : www.amarylliscentrum.cz ev. tel. no. 777 797 027.

Our mission?

Pro-client approach: every customer is unique to us. We pay careful attention to your individual needs to ensure optimal results. Maximum client satisfaction: our goals don't end with the product, they begin with your satisfaction. We are here to help you achieve your best results, your desired goals.

With 4MedFit, you get not only products, but a partner to help you elevate your uniqueness.

We look forward to working with you, 

the team at 4 MedFit.

To the attention of the visitor of our website

We are working hard on our website, adding more lines of great products day by day. We ask for Your patience, it will certainly pay off. We are indeed demanding in our selection of the best care for You. Thank you very much.

The page containing information about RENLIVE products from the Italian manufacturer BiotecItalia is designed to meet the needs of clients/patients of AMARYLLIS CENTER PRAGUE - clinic of aesthetic, laser medicine, lymphology, dermatology and angiology. Many AMARYLLIS clients have been using RENLIVE products since 2012 and the products are part of the therapeutic procedure of many patients. In addition, the site serves to meet the needs of franchise network members/associates.  So Please, if you are not a patient/client of the above-mentioned clinic or a member/collaborator, you will surely find a supplier - a manufacturer-authorized distributor of RENLIVE products, regarding Your order. Thank you for your consideration.